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I’m going to Florida with my older siblings for a week so my activity will be pretty scarce until next Wednesday. I’ll be lurking though and trying to remain as active as possible!

but I get to go to Disney world.


Welcome to Sky High, Eric! 

Audition for Eric McAllister - Accepted 

*Accepted of course :)


Name : Sam

Age : 18

Timezone : EST

How often are you on? : Most weekends and some weekdays

The Word? : gkjghjk

IC :

Character Desired : Eric

Minimum 2 Paragraph Sample. -In Character / Preferably their classification test for hero or sidekick- :

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✗ Eric McAllister • 27 • FC: Alexander Skarsgard • Taken

Eric McAllister is one of the new teachers at Sky High so he’s stuck teaching the incoming freshmen and newbies. He absolutely hates it but he covers it well because in order to carry out his plans, he needs to get the students and teachers alike to trust him. He’s planning on moving up a few classes, specifically the junior and senior hero classes because that’s where his targets are. As of right now, his targets consist of the element control powers (Especially the Northwood kids) and any other that could be of use to him in the near future. Now, how to convince these brats to follow him…

— Class : Hero

Kira Reynolds & Scarlett Carter will be reopened on Friday if the roleplayer doesn’t contact me by then.

Delilah Summers has until Saturday to post something or notify me of their absence.

Please unfollow Alanna Young as they had left the rp without notifying me. Seeing as the character was made by that person, the Nina Dobrev FC will go back to the drafts until I put up the original plan for her, the same with the Hunter Parrish FC and Ethan Marks

Also, please remember to tag SkyHighNotifications.

Leaving for Cali, I’ll be back tomorrow night.

Amy I’ll start the Date para while I’m in the car.

Also, I’m getting money ;)

Welcome to Sky High, Andrew! 

Audition for Andrew Cartwright - Accepted 

*Accepted! Have his link in within the next two days :3


Name : Valentina

Age : 18

Timezone : UTC/GMT -4:30 hours Venezuela

How often are you on? : 9/10

The Word? :

IC :

Character Desired : Andrew Cartwright

Minimum 2 Paragraph Sample. -In Character / Preferably their classification test for hero or sidekick- :

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Welcome to Sky High, Elliot! 

Application - Elliot Hathaway 

*Accepted! You have two days to send in the link. And here’s a Kurtbastian gif just cause.

Name: Cor
Age: 25 (lol old)
Timezone: CST
How often are you on?: On a scale of 1-10, I’m probably about a 7 or 8.
The Word?: :)

IC :
Character Desired: Elliot Hathaway
Minimum 2 Paragraph Sample:

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